About Us

Reader Techlines always gives main preference to the privacy about your information. If you are searching for a magazine which can provide you all up-to-date trendy news, then Reader Techlines is one of the magazines who never disappoint its readers. Our motto is to provide you the best platform to represent you in front of your customers. Our readers are mainly key personalities and decision makers of an organization.

Before publishing any minuscule detail about your company and services, we analyze, segregate and categorized it. So it will always give your customers a clear vision of your company and its services. We will never share your any information with any third party without your consent. You may be requested to provide certain information voluntarily during the use of your site. If you do so, then only we proceed to publish all those information in our magazine. We always publish that information what provided by you or mentioned on your websites. We never ever put any information which is not relevant to your company.

“Magazine” if this word comes to someone’s mind, then the first thought is always about its information and content. It is the only thing which can bind your readers to your magazine.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”

― Oscar Wilde

If you didn’t give a reason to your readers to read your magazine again and again then it will be your first failure. The second thing is always the cover; it also plays a vital role in the media industry. The cover is the mirror image of your solitary and extraordinary work. Reader Techlines has tiny information about all the industries, what a reader can expect from a magazine. Our thirst for knowledge for all most all the services like cloud, smart city, Big Data, Datacenter and many more which will be the main reason for us to emanate and flourish in the market.